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150ft RapidRun® Plenum-Rated Multimedia Runner Cable

Part #: 2212-40763-150

RapidRun® is designed to be the standard for in-wall audio/video installations. The RapidRun system empowers you to customize your installation to create your own ideal audio/video solution. Break-away flying leads and wall plates ensure flexible, efficient, high quality connections for all types of equipment.

Use this plenum-rated Multimedia Runner for in-wall installations that support audio/video entertainment or presentation applications. Whether mounting a flat panel display in your bedroom or hanging a projector in a classroom, a clean, crisp signal will be delivered every time.

Terminate with flying leads (with lengths up to 10 feet), or with wall plates (available in three colors) to meet the specific requirements of your installation.

Please Note: Each complete RapidRun Multimedia Runner solution requires a break-away flying lead or wall plate to terminate each end of the runner cable. For each runner you will need (2) break-away flying leads, (2) wall plates, OR (1) break-away flying lead and (1) wall plate.

Applications include: (1) Personal/Home Entertainment : Connecting a cable/satellite/DVR receiver to an HDTV; (2) SOHO/Large Office Productivity: Projector installations involving component, composite or s-video signals; (3) Education (Learning) and Collaboration: Classroom setup transmitting video from DVD player or cable/satellite receiver to a projector.

Electrical characteristics
•Impedance: 755Ω
•Capacitance: 66.25pF/m
•Velocity of propagation: 781%
•DC resistance: 0.221Ω/m at 20°C
•Dielectric strength: 500VAC/1 minute
•Insulation resistance: 100MΩ/km at 20°C
Physical characteristics
•Voltage rating: 30V
•Temperature rating: 80°C
•Operating temperature range: -25°C - 80°C
•Minimum bend radius: 1355mm
Conductor (qty. 5)
•Conductor type: 28AWG (tinned copper)
•Insulation: Foam FEP
•Foil shield: Aluminum foil (100% coverage)
•Braided shield: 423/0.12 (85% coverage) (tinned copper)
•Jacket: PVC
Overall cable
•Foil shield: Aluminum foil (100% coverage)
•Braided shield: 423/0.12 (85% coverage) (tinned copper)
•Drain wire: 7/34AWG (tinned copper)
•Jacket: Low Smoke PVC - CMP Rated
•Connector type: 12-pin DIN
•Gender: Female
•Contact material: Brass, 3µm gold plating
•Insulation: Black PBT

Download the cut sheet

Product Specifications

  • Product Color: Black
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Connector A: RapidRun 12-pin Female
  • Connector B: RapidRun 12-pin Female